The port of Hamburg.

Hamburg - the second largest city in Germany, is a Hanseatic city. Located on the banks of the Elbe, it hosts the largest seaport and Hamburg has a huge area reserved for loading and unloading containers from the ships. You should absolutely go and have a look at the fish market and experience its atmosphere. One of the areas of the city is a huge storage borough, in which food and other products from all around the world are stored. This area is very judiciously named the "Speicherstadt" (storage city). In Hamburg, there is also the museum of miniatures (Miniatur Wunderland), where you can admire the biggest railway networks scale model in the world. Near the old Elbe tunnel there is a perfect place to hang out and enjoy delicious fish freshly caught. It is also the perfect location to admire the tall ships, for example the famous Queen Mary 2.

Discover Hamburg by following the route that we propose in the article "Hamburg in one day".