A must in Geneva

Hotel de Ville de Genève. © Photo: go-and-discover.com. All rights reserved.

Some attractions are a must . Almost everyone has heard of the fountain of Geneva, which you should see, of course, but in Geneva you should also

  • walk in the old town and in Carouge,
  • see the Reformation Wall is mandatory if one is interested in culture and / or religion,
  • visit the Palais des Nations
  • take a ride in the Geneva countryside if you have a little more time available
  • ...

The quays , the fountain and the Flower Clock

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Discover : One day in Geneva : old town and quays.

The old town, its streets and Saint -Pierre Cathedral

Discover : One day in Geneva : old town and quays.


It is very nice to walk around in the narrow streets of Carouge, which have a semblance of southern flair.

The Reformation Wall

Click on A tour of the history of Geneva to discover the Reformation Wall , the reformers and the Reformation in Geneva.