Switzerland is a small country in the centre of Europe. It has four linguistic regions. Switzerland is most known for its watches, banks, chocolate, pharmaceutical businesses, and ski resourts. This small country holds various landscapes and panoramas between the hills, the lakes and the forests. Switzerland is an ideal and appreciated place to stay for the holidays.

 Switzerland is composed of:

  • The Germanic part is the largest linguistic region of Switzerland. The people there speak Swiss German. The famous cities Bern: the capital of Switzerland, Zurich: the biggest city of Switzerland and its economical capital, and Basel: the capital of its pharmaceutical businesses all belong to the Germanic region.
  • The French-speaking part of Switzerland. It consists of Geneva: which assists in a lot of international organisations and is the diplomatic capital of Switzerland, and Lausanne: which lives with great charm and has very advanced technology and many other places too.
  • The Italian linguistic region, in which we speak Italian. It is a very pretty region, mostly consisting of a place named Tessin.
  • Les Grison, a region constituting almost exclusively of mountains, a fascinating canton. There, one speak Romansh.

 Geographically speaking, Switzerland is composed of the Alps occupying most of the territory, with the Swiss chainring at the centre of the mountain chain: the Jura in the west.