Frankfurt on the Main and surroundings

Skyscrappers in Frankfurt on the Main

Frankfurt is a city located in Hesse on the river Main.

The city of Frankfurt is composed of boroughs that came together over time. So there is no real town center.

One of the central squares of Frankfurt is the place of Römer (Römerberg), this is the place where the town hall of Frankfurt is located. From the 9th century, markets, fairs, tournaments and parties took place on that place, but also executions and the coronations of the emperors. She is now best known for its houses with wood facades. However, only one of these houses was not destroyed by the bombings in 1944. The Römer square and surrounding buildings were rebuilt as they were before World War II. In its center there is the fountain of the justice. Not far away is the Paulsplatz. This is a plesant place shaded by plane trees, home to the Paulskirche, which is historically a very important building because this is where the first national assembly of Germany took place in 1848.

Right next to the Römer you will see the cathedral of Frankfurt. Its tower is 95 meters high. At 66 meters high there is a platform that you can reach via a narrow staircase with 300 steps. It is worthwhile to admire the panorama and the view on downtown from there.

A few meters away passersby stroll on the river Main. The docks are pleasant to walk. On the south bank of the Main, there are many museums, including the well known Städel museum. There is a lot of traffic on the river Main. Barges, tankers and passenger ships cohabit.

The Zeil and the Fressgass are the shopping streets of Frankfurt, businesses also extending into adjacent streets. Go there around noon and you will see all the bankers take their lunch.

The city of Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany. There are many skyscrapers, symbols of the success in this industry. Most of them are home to banks. You can go on the upper platform of the Main Tower skyscraper, which is the only skyscraper in Frankfurt with restaurant and open to the public, and from there admire the view on Frankfurt and on its surroundings. If you have the chance to go early in the morning and by good weather or right after a rainstorm, you will see at the distance: Darmstadt and the Odenwald to the south, the Taunus to the north, Wiesbaden and Mainz to the west and Hanau to the east.

The Lohrpark is a natural park of 18 hectares located on the Lohrberg. It is an enchanting park in which one can admire very old trees, the view over the city of Frankfurt, but also beautiful vineyards on Lohrberg. There is also a playground and a paddling pool for the children.

To see in the surroundings of Frankfurt

  • Wiesbaden
  • Mainz
  • Hanau
  • Darmstadt
  • The Odenwald
  • Eltville
  • The Rhein and the Lorelei
  • The Taunus